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Interactive Recruiters is an innovative and highly-successful recruitment specialist agency in Thailand providing HR consultancy, executive and specialist recruitment services. We have been in this field supplying thousands of professionals across Thailand in various industries.

At Interactive Recruiters, we have made a commitment to bring a change in the way companies hire talents through recruitment partners and are in the process of building a truly unique Thailand regional recruitment service provider that will serve an unparalleled level of service and care for our candidates and our clients. We aim to create and grow a brand that represents our progressive and innovative thinking, a high level of compassion for others and a sense of adventure in all that we do.

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    HR Consultancy

    At times, companies need to revisit their Human Resource practices and often a third party overview is found quite helpful.

    We provide employers with human capital solutions that result in measurably improved employee and organizational performance while minimizing employment practice risk. We help startup, small and medium organizations to establish, out-source and troubleshoot any and all essential Human Resource functions like HR design/restructuring, formulation HR strategies, HR policy and procedures etc.

    Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

    Corporates today are facing unrelenting competitive pressures, shifting market conditions and ever-increasing employee expectations. Being complacent in their own hiring process, often is leading them to be less competitive in the talent marketplace. A need exists for a cost-effective recruitment solution.

    Start your own recruitment cell in your office with our Assistance. This helps the company to take advantage of all the benefits of a recruiting company in their own office, making it unique and profitable.

    Our Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) can manage all or a portion of your recruiting requirements. In practice, RPO is a customized project managed talent acquisition solution for companies who not only need to be abreast with latest trends on employee hiring and employee retention but also practice it avidly. RPO is an outsourced service which is extremely cost efficient with set project costs, which we undertake onsite, in co-ordination with you.

    This service is found particularly effective for startups because for them every commitment relates to ROI, making it a crucial decision.

    Executive Recruitment

    Management and senior executive requirements are mostly constant even though leadership or management strategy continues to evolve in this ever changing corporate world. Identifying and attracting this talent requires a rigorous approach, a thorough understanding of different industries and functional roles.

    With our vast experience in diverse industries, we have unrivalled access to senior executives and we work with our customers on strategic requirements to recruit leaders who not only have the necessary skills but also personal qualities to achieve what is desired - an outstanding result for the company, helping it to forge ahead, unhindered.

    Talk to our specialist consultants and set your targets on the best available talent. Our business is structured specifically to search and recruit hard-to-fill and specialist roles that is your need of the hour. We often headhunt for the right candidate from competing industries, to ensure proven result oriented goal in the shortest possible time.

    Contractual Hiring

    How often you have thought of hiring temporary staffs to either evaluate their compatibility and sustainability for a long term working relationship or to minimise your employer liabilities such as wrongful dismissals, severances, taxations and other liabilities.

    We fulfill all your desires of having an arms-length relationship with your new hires, through our time tested process and contacts, saving time on the hiring process while you concentrate on your key business activities. We have a database of these contractual employees and maintain the network with them while they move from one contract job to another. The ability to adapt and drive an immediate benefit is key to contracting, as are the skills they bring to the role. We can assist you, if you have any short-term placement requirement that requires precision skills and time-bound activities. Our specialist HR consultants apply a disciplined approach and sound judgment to every search, providing the best option.

    Training & Development

    As a visionary corporate or institution, it is their responsibility to attempt to improve current or future employee performances by increasing their knowledge and skills in various aspects. Provide learning opportunities that are designed to help employees grow.

    Development provides knowledge about business environment, management principles and techniques, human relations, specific industry analysis etc. Which can add value to organizational growth which is useful for better management of a company.

    Our progressive HR training and development programmes not only offer integrated solutions that encompass all facets of people management but implement best practices to unleash your workforce’s optimal productivity. Our programs are facilitated by subject matter experts, use practical and interactive training methods to involve individuals in real life scenarios, ensuring the instant application of critical management skills.

    Payroll Services

    Outsourcing of payroll services can be extremely beneficial and effective for strategic operational gains. We tailor practical and customised solutions that let our customers achieve the desired goals through our valued support functions.

    This service is very effective for startup companies in Thailand or companies who want to have a branch in Thailand. It is mandatory to use payroll softwares, which are approved by revenue department and qualified staffs who are qualified to do meticulous jobs like calculating overtimes, attendances, personal taxes and host of other duties which can easily be a headache for startup companies. We assist in sorting all these out through a professional in-house team who work on behalf of you to deliver the results.

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    Interactive Recruiters are experts in supporting jobseekers to find the next step in their career. Finding a recruitment company in Thailand to partner with you and your career is a big deal.

    Whether you are seeking a permanent role or would like us to help manage your career as a contractor, we offer a broad range of permanent and contract vacancies at all levels, across the built environment and associated professional sectors including, Banking and Finance, Construction and Engineering, Information Technology, Oil and Gas, etc.

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    Industry Focus

    Our focus is very much partnership driven on the appointment of Senior Professionals and other specialist functional roles in the following industry verticals:
    Information Technology
    Banking and Finance

    About us

    Brand Value | Promises to keep

    Interactive Recruiters has evolved as a division of the Aditya Group, which has it’s established presence for last 16 years in Thailand, contributing to several areas like Startup & Business Consulting, Marketing Consulting, Recruitment Consulting, Cyber Security, IT Outsourcing, Engineering, Travel Agency and Natural Personal Care. Our reputation has been built on our long term approach to relationships that exists with our customers and candidates.

    Right Selection | Right Evaluation

    Employees are your assets and extremely vital for your business growth. We take extreme care in the selection of the right candidate for the job. We believe skills are very important but the most important thing for hiring the right candidate is their attitude. We evaluate their attitude towards life and work with best suited ones. Our extensive network of HR candidates, our fine-tuned database using modern technology tools and our outreach methods work together to provide a right pool of potential candidates.

    We believe in People | People Believe in Us

    True to our original ethos, we treat our HR network as friends and provide a total career perspective. Our exclusive focus on HR recruiting allows us to concentrate on building successful human resources departments for our clients, one candidate at a time. Our presentation to our clients is an overall business solution, imbibing our industry domain knowledge with right combination of management techniques to fulfil your organization goal.
    People trust us - trust us for long term commitment and ethical behaviour.

    Experience Counts | Key decisions

    With a working experience for the last 16+ years in Thailand across 15+ diverse industries, we understand how critical People Management is for your business success in Thailand. Employee hiring, Employee retention and Employee development are key success factors for any organization and we as understand how to take care of it properly, on behalf of you. Keeping your interests in mind, we act as your guide for HR practices.

    A Partner | Dynamic & Ethical

    We believe that through building enduring relationships and offering selfless advice, we achieve better outcomes for clients and candidates more often. We believe in establishing an ethical business model, where mutual trust and confidence is powered through transparent interactions. We only believe in commitments that we can keep. Right Staffing solutions are thoroughly vetted for candidates who qualify for their dedication, integrity and credentials that you require for the specific job.

    Recruitment | A Specialist Job

    As business is becoming more complex and thrusting to be globally more competitive, HR professionals must play an active role in setting up new or changing present strategies to remain competitive in the marketplace. Creating and managing a seamless store of talent is critical to develop a diverse, global and effectual workforce.
    As a specialist in Human Resources, we understand your goals and provide the knowledge, processes and human talents that can catapult your business to newer heights.

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