Payroll Services

We help foreign establishments navigate the complexity of Thai businesses to find professionals and executives that meet their precise needs.

Outsourcing of payroll services can be extremely beneficial and effective for strategic operational gains. We tailor practical and customized solutions that let our customers achieve the desired goals through our valued support functions.

Stringent laws of Thailand often makes it difficult for foreign companies to have their employees in their payroll as it demands substantial capital investments and mandatory local employments for each position.

Interactive Recruiters have option for sponsoring these employees under their company to process a workable solution which is legitimate and flexible to your specific needs. Processing their payroll and deploying the candidates for projects on behalf of our clients has been our predominant expertise since long.

This service is very effective for startup companies in Thailand or companies who want to have a branch in Thailand. It is mandatory to use payroll softwares which are approved by revenue department and qualified staffs who are qualified to do meticulous jobs like calculating overtimes, attendances, personal taxes and host of other duties which can easily be a headache for startup companies. We assist in sorting all these out through a professional in-house team who work on behalf of you to deliver the results.


Opportunities for professionals

Benefits of Payroll Outsourcing

  • Increased productivity
  • Time savings on processing
  • Avoid mistakes
  • Avoid technology / processing costs
  • Increased efficiency