A 2021 Salary Guide in Thailand

Working in Thailand could be a great experience for local and foreign job seekers. The country’s vibrant culture, the climate, the people, and the amazing food are pretty appealing. However, when choosing a career path, one should look further than just the country itself, but also into the laws controlling the working environment.

Over the past decades, there has been a growing trend of people choosing a path that can provide them with better opportunities in terms of career growth and financial stability. One of the many undeniable aspects that affect the decision of the candidate when it comes to accepting a job offer is the remuneration package.

Typically, the mandatory benefits of an employee include life insurance, hospitalization, maternity coverage, old-age benefits, workman’s compensation, and more. While the common supplementary employee benefits include life-death insurance, impairment coverage, hospitalization, and a retirement fund. Apart from these appealing benefits, employers also need to find innovative ways toward maintaining a competitive salary, which has been seen as a motivational factor for most job seekers. Thus, the average salary a company can offer to its employees is THB 1,215,553. The average income is THB 980,775 (Net), while the most typical salary is THB 475,206 (Gross).

The job opportunities in Thailand are booming when it entered 2020. However, the hype and optimism in the business industry faded when the coronavirus pandemic has taken a toll not just on the livelihoods of the people but the country’s economy, as well. The employment opportunities and their benefits have changed significantly in the year 2020 when it went into lockdown for several months.

According to employment statistics in Thailand conducted by the researchers, there are 33% of employers in Thailand who are looking to increase their staff members in 2021, 61% of currently employed professionals anticipated themselves looking for new job opportunities, the other 36% are passively open to a new job offer, while 6% expect zero pay increase from their current salary.

Fortunately, Thailand is now in the best position to bounce back from the impact of the pandemic. Many companies are looking ahead with optimism and are now showing signs of healthy business recovery while offering competitive compensation to attract and retain talented professionals who can help drive the company’s recovery and growth.

Businesses are now hiring more skilled professionals at the white-collar level as they undergo digital transformation. Since many of the companies are now utilizing digital platforms, it has been recognized that the careers with the highest starting salaries for new graduates are IT positions, such as “software engineers” with salary rates range from 20,000 to 60,000 Baht, an increase from the previous year with the maximum salary of 40,000 Baht. The second most well-paid jobs are data scientists and data engineers with salaries ranging between 30,000 – 50,000 Baht – this is because companies need more staff who can help them design methods to store and run data as well as to analyze information to benefit their business in various activities. These two sought-after occupations have high salary rates compared to those of other jobs.

Apart from these two high-paying jobs, there are also other employment opportunities with high salary rates which include; financial controller, legal consultant, research & development specialist, and company secretary. For professionals who are equipped with skills and experience, their salary can reach a maximum of 250,000 Baht per month even though they are not in a managerial or executive position.


Opportunities for professionals


While these careers have been dominated the industry when it comes to high-paying jobs, other positions are also likely to catch up with the trend and have the tendency to grow in 2021 and for the upcoming years, this includes:

Engineering & Technical Field

Engineering & Technical Field

The engineering field needs sales representatives and management professionals with technical expertise and long experience who can manage teams and solve problems on-site.

Finance Field

Finance Field

Many companies are looking for a finance & accounting manager and financial controller who can analyze data and plan financial strategies for them.

Sales & Marketing Field

Sales & Marketing Field

The sales and marketing labor aims to hire more digital managers, sales managers, and brand managers who can skillfully handle the digital market and generate sales through online channels.

Industrial Positions

Industrial Positions

Although the main industries in Thailand are undeniably affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, companies are still searching for professionals who can fill up some positions to reinforce their teams.

Other career opportunities offer a salary increase for potential new hires in 2021.

Career Opportunity/ Industry Salary Increase Per Percentage
Banking & Financial Services 15%
E-commerce/ Internet 12%
Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) 13%
Healthcare & Life Sciences 15%
Industrial & Manufacturing 18%
Natural Reseources & Energy 9%
Professional Services 15%
Property & Construction 14%
Retail 13%
Technology 20%
Transport & Distribution 15%

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