Staff Augmentation

How often you have thought of hiring temporary staffs to either evaluate their compatibility and sustainability for a long term working relationship or to minimize your employer liabilities such as wrongful dismissals, severances, taxations and other liabilities.

We fulfill your desires of having an arms-lengh relationship with your new hires, through our time tested process and contacts, saving the time on the hiring process while you concentrate on your key business activities. We have a database of these contractual employees and maintain in the network with them while they move from one contract job to another.

The ability to adapt and drive an immediate benefit is key to contracting, as are the skills they bring to the role. We can assist you if you have any short term placement requirement that requires precision skills and time-bound activities. Our specialist recruitment consultants apply a disciplined approach and sound judgement to every search providing the best option.

While staff augmentation is a form of outsourcing, it allows companies to retain control over the skills and experience they need from temporary staff. The major advantage to this is that companies have the ability to monitor the progress of their temporary hires because they’ll likely be working alongside their fulltime staff.

Interactive Recruiters provide staff augmentation services to oversee payroll, benefits, unemployment, coaching, termination and performance issues so companies don’t have to devote additional administrative capacity and expense.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

Corporates today are facing unrelenting competitive pressures, shirting market conditions and ever increasing employee expectations. Being complacent in their own hiring process, often is leading them to be less competitive in the talent marketplace. A need exists for a cost-effective recruitment solution. Start your own recruitment cell in your office with our Assistance. This helps the company to take advantage of all the benefits of a recruiting company in their own office, making it unique and profitable.

Our Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) can manage all or a portion of your recruiting requirements. In practice, RPO is a customized project managed talent acquisition solution for companies who not only need to be abreast with latest trends on employee hiring and employee retention but also practice it avily. RPO is an outsourced service which is extremely cost efficient with set project costs which we undertake onsite, in coordination with you.

This service is found particularly effective for startups because for them every commitment relates to ROI making it a crucial decision.

Training & Development

As a visionary corporate or institution, it is their responsibility to attempt to improve current or future employee performances by increasing their knowledge and skills in various aspects. Provide learning opportunities that are designed to help employees grow.

Development provides knowledge about business environment, management principles and techniques, human relations, specific industry analysis etc. which can add value to organizational growth which is useful for better management of a company.

Our progressive HR training and development programmes not only offer integrated solutions that encompass all facets of people management but implement best practices to unleash your workforce optimal productivity. Our programs are facilitated by subject matter experts, use practical and interactive training methods to involve individuals in real life scenarios, ensuring the instant application of critical management skills.


Opportunities for professionals

Benefits of Staff Augmentation

  • Access to distinct skillsets
  • Decreased overhead costs
  • Faster hiring process
  • Flexible duration
  • Retained confidentiality