Manpower Recruitment

The business of global technology is complex, fast-moving and extremely competitive – our clients rightfully demand a service that is smart, timely and cost-efficient without comprimising on quality.

With our vast experience in diverse industries, we have unrivalled access to a huge database of resources and we work with our customers on strategic requuirements to recruit manpower who not only have the necessarry skills but also personal qualities to achieve what is desired – an outstanding result for the company, helping it to forge ahead, unhindered.

Connect with our specialist consultants to have access to the best available talents. Our business is structured specifically to search and recruit hard-to-fill and specialist roles that is your need of the hour. We often headhunt for the right candidate from competing industries to ensure proved result oriented goal in the shortest possible time.

Our extensive research on the selection process of the candidates enables us to deliver right candidates who not only possess core competencies in the respective areas but who also fit your company’s culture and values.

All our strategic recruitment agency and research processes are informed and enriched with real-time statistics and data analysis. As an experienced strategic agency, we work hard to ensure that our clients get the full benefit of both human and technological intelligence behind their search.

Executive Recruitment

Management and senior excecutive requirements are mostly constant even though leadership or management strategy continues to evolve in this ever changing corporate world. Identifying and attracting this talent requires a rigorous approach, a thorough understanding of different industries and functional roles.

It is always a challenge to hire the right senior executive who would be responsible to steer your organization into the future. The reprecussions for getting a wrong person can be detrimental to everyone in the organization and it’s fate.

Hire quickly from a qualified talent pool

Hire quickly from a qualified talent pool

Our team of dedicated executive recruitment consultants perform quickly by taking advantage of their established personal and online networks, professional memberships as well as a range of sourcing tools.

Hire the right candidate – one who will stay and perform

Hire the right candidate – one who will stay and perform

Our executive recruitment consultants have specialist market knowledge of senior executive salaries, job titles and hiring trends to ensure you attract and retain the best talent at the appropriate remuneration.

Expat Recruitment

Most Thai companies are reluctant to hire expats in traditional recruitment model as it entails them to have higher investment costs in terms of capital, local workforce and higher salaries.

Interactive Recruiters understand the difficulty of foreign employment in Thailand and try to assist them with the few yet right opportunities that exist. In a constant quest for opportunities for expats, Interactive Recruiters work with top 100 multinational and Thai companies on periodic basis for uncovering the expatriate vacancies.

Our full cycle recruitment and selection processes are focused on the competency-based expatriate selection perspective and nurture them to adapt with local Thai cultural issues.


Opportunities for professionals

Benefits of Manpower Recruitment

  • Shorter recruitment cycle
  • Reduced attrition
  • Higher quality candidates
  • Increased productivity
  • Innovative options